Our employees and suppliers are working, so that together we can ensure, a set of preventive measures.

For you, for us, for everyone ...

It is our guarantee

  • Leave an interval of at least 24 hours between the check out of one guest and check in of another to perform the correct cleaning of the spaces
  • Perform cleaning, sanitation and maintenance in the apartments following the recommended prevention rules.
  • Provide in the apartment the necessary for the stay: clothes, hygiene products, cleaning kit, prevention kit COVID-19 (mask, disinfectant and gloves)
  • During the stay we will clean your studio / suite every three days.
  • In contact with customers, as well as cleaning and maintaining the apartments, all employees will be protected


  • Only people registered at check-in access the apartment.
  • On the date of entry into the apartment, none of the occupants is aware of being infected by COVID-19 and has no symptoms, such as fever or cough.
  • During the stay, any of the occupants is diagnosed or symptoms of contagion occur, I will immediately communicate, by e-mail cs@apt-inlisbon.com, so that contingency measures are taken.
  • On check out, leave the apartment in an acceptable condition of cleanliness, allowing a correct cleaning and sanitization to be carried out.
  • Respect the rules of physical distance (ex: elevators), use protection (mask), in the building areas of possible contact with other residents.